Emin İpek Kauçuk

Our company, starting in 1982 as "Emin Usta" and at the beginning of the year 2000 "Emin İpek Kauçuk San" (Emin İpek Rubber Industry) was formed.

Reflecting its own credibility, integrity and bussiness ethics, it has developped to what it is today.


Our company does not compromise on quality, depending on the time of this mission without proper documentation has been completed with the delivery and quality products.

What Is Rubber?

It is a fibber obtained from the milky fluid part of plants. Natural Rubber is obtained from fluid got from trees. Synthetic rubber is a by-product produced from oil in the chemical industry.

Emin İpek Rubber Machinery from 1982 to today
As a pioneer in the rubber industry, we have our name on quality, safely and carefully...